Building the Family & Community

Build and preserve a stable, functional, and harmonious Christian community that effectively addresses the spiritual, physical, social and emotional needs, and recognizes the diversity of its members.

family and community


  1. Teach, apply, and implement consistent biblical principles on individual responsibility, marriage, and the family.
  2. Teach and encourage effective communication among family members.
  3. Consistently apply biblical principles of economics and stewardship at family and fellowship affairs.
  4. Recognize and account for the cultural and environmental factors that impact on our values, performance and effectiveness.
  5. Increase the total membership of the Fellowship by at least 10% per year.

Indices of Progress/Success:
Absent or minimal levels of divorce among members, retention of visitors to the fellowship, absent or few quarrels at home, level of confidence and peace children experience about their families and future, behavior and manners of children, Consistent activities for the children, readiness of children to go to fellowship, maturity in Christian life (readiness to apply what one knows to deal with decisions and issues), professional and career advances, decreasing debt level, increasing net worth, cross national friendships/visitations and interactions, academic progress and achievements of children, increasing numbers of members   total and culturally diverse).